Tuesday Tools Private Equity

More Cases. More Trends. More Magic?

Let’s get cranking again. These are abbreviated cases so you can keep your sights on understanding the flow of deals.

What is Private Equity, with charts based on Lyft and explanations of fees and structures.

Private Equity Fundraising; Notable Trends in 2020

International Case Study with real data from a French private equity fund that was launched in 2014 and is supposed to last until 2024 ( 8 years + 2 possible 1-year extensions which will very probably be used ). 

An Example Of Private Equity In Action particularly as it concerns a family business passing to the THIRD generation. Because, (kate’s comments here) the chances of success in the 2nd generation is low and making it to third is far worse unless you have the right systems and processes in place - and no, I don’t mean outside advisors for the business…. #DeathKnellMcKinsey

Final PE email on Friday and then we get a week off from the Discourse. And I have to find a home for April. #Covid-19.

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Friday will be Debate replay. If you have any questions not yet covered on PE - how it impacts funding for Manufacturing, how it impacts monetary policy, ?? Let me know by Wednesday night so I can get them added.