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Intelligence Testing for perspective

Discourse is a critical look at one topic influencing our lives each month. The May 2020 Discourse is IQ.

The Complete IQ Test Book: How to Understand and Measure Each Aspect of Your Intelligence” 

This is a puzzle book. It does have scoring but it strikes me as incomplete for measurement. That said, if you enjoy puzzles of different types (words, shapes, numbers, logic, etc.), you may enjoy this.

"The Future of Intelligence Testing

This post gets into an explanation of what we can versus cannot (yet) do with PET and fMRI scans, and it tries to get to the heart of the ethics of psychometric and biological testing. The IQ tests we are most familiar with are psychometric. fMRI scans may provide biological . . . at some point.  

There are exciting possibilities that neuroimaging intelligence tests may bring. On the one hand, we can learn so much about the brain, how we think and how we can make it better. On the other hand, ….

Here’s an overview of the Eleven Ways your IQ score is predictive… which gives cursory mention to the ways your IQ impacts your daily life. What surprises most of the families I work with is how much is inherited, 40-80% is heritable. Females inherit IQ form both parents. Males inherit IQ from Mothers. It’s all in the Xs and Ys.

"Brain scans support findings that IQ can rise or fall significantly during adolescence

"We found a considerable amount of change in how our subjects performed on the IQ tests in 2008 compared to four years earlier," explains Sue Ramsden, first author of the study. "Some subjects performed markedly better but some performed considerably worse. We found a clear correlation between this change in performance and changes in the structure of their brains and so can say with some certainty that these changes in IQ are real."

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