The Discourse Course cometh...

Welcome to your Personal Development Leadership Class.

When you are ready to upgrade that beautiful brain of yours, this is where you want to be. We’ll be reading deeply and widely around one main topic each month. Week-to-week you’ll be exposed to new thinkers, new perspectives on things you think you already understand. This course won’t “answer” anything for you. Want someone to answer all the questions . . . this is definitely NOT for you.

Are you open to understanding how “it” all works? Are you willing to read difficult texts and listen to opinions that might offend you? The Discourse Course is for you.

This is self discovery through hard discussions. There will be ample opportunity to test your assumptions. Learn how to dissect your opponents assumptions as well. Even more importantly learn how to read scientists and journalists critically without getting bogged down in the agreement/disagreement loop. 

Want a sample? Here’s a conversation starter, Was Winston Churchill right to send thousands of Cossacks to the slaughter?

Horrible and offensive, right?

But just as important to understand today as it was then.

Or perhaps you’re more interested in the world of Finance? We will look at the rise of Bonds in the 80s. Did PIMCO sell California into bankruptcy?

Ethics, geopolitical context, force, industry, cost/benefit analysis, it’s all here. The reading materials are dictated by our discussion. Each month you can put yourself forward to be one of our debaters or just join the live conversation (usually 4th Thursday of the month). Once we’re up to speed the debates will be streamed live.

Broaden your understanding of the world. Challenge yourself. Build your strengths.

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