Friday Discourse

a personal note

Well howdy y’all. What a giant sh*t-storm it has been. I am back to Texas (in one lovely piece) and managed to navigate three house moves in two states with five flights on each end since last gracing your inbox. Bunz. of. Steel.

Special shoutout to American Airlines Baggage Handlers at DFW. God Bless you for getting my bags from one end of DFW to the other in under 11 minutes. As I raced to make my flight - which would be the last of the evening - I wrote off getting my bags upon landing. We left on time. My bags made it. Hats off to the unsung heroes of travel.

But in all the ordinary pandemonium, there was real pandemonium. Who knew we’d shut down so completely so quickly? I barely made it out of NYC before the ordinary bits went dark. Glad I didn’t wait to deal with that trip.

I wrote a bit on Enjoying Covid-19 here. My morning routine is a bit altered, no Starbucks to use for writing at 5a - ours are closed - so I’ve created a morning writing corner in this temporary apartment. The London contacts have asked me to expedite my trip to them before the border closes . . . but of course Dept of State has my passport. I started a passport renewal - expedited no less - at the beginning of February with plenty of time before my early April departure. They “lost” my signature page and only recently sent me a letter to let me know - WHY are they using snail mail if I’ve paid the expedite fee? Sloppy.

I’ve lived as an accidental nomad since April 2016 which has offered some adventures but never quite so precariously as now. Though I can still get flights to London through this weekend, I only have my expired passport from 20+ years ago (is it paranoid to have that on me or is it planning?). My originally scheduled flight is in two weeks. Any bets on success?

But all of that comes back to this one idea - this is an incredible opportunity in the midst of mess.

In college I was with my boyfriend when we found out his father had suddenly died. We rushed to the airport to get him home. While sitting in the terminal waiting for his flight, we had ice cream. He chose a flavor he hadn’t had before. His explained that he would either really enjoy it and it would forever be a sweet way to remember his father or he wouldn’t like it and he would never ever have that flavor again.

He made a great point.

Do something differently. Try something new. Make this experience memorable by making one different choice - it doesn’t have to continue after the panic subsides - so you can make it memorable for your reasons.

Discourse will be back on track on Sunday. As always, if you have any thoughts to share, just hit reply or email me. We’re Discoursing on Private Equity.

Virtual hugs and high fives wherever you are,