Final Sunday Discourse

Space Exploration Month is coming to a close....

Hello Discoursers!

This is our Final Sunday for the April Discourse on the Universe and more specifically on Space Exploration. Currently, May is scheduled to be a Discourse on Graduate School, “Is it Beneficial?” But the conversation around how to interpret statistics as a prelude to when we get to leave our homes again regularly may be more immediately pertinent and one near to my heart.

Let me know if you have any objection to a Discourse on rudimentary statistics for the month of May.

Some short reads for you on this fine Sunday morning.

How to reduce the Federal Deficit, Discretionary Spending on Space and Technology.

Background: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA's) Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate oversees both the development of the systems and capabilities required to explore deep space and the agency's operations in low-Earth orbit. The directorate's human exploration programs fund the research and development of the next generation of systems for deep space exploration and provide technical and financial support to the commercial space industry. Complementing those efforts, the space operations programs carry out missions in low-Earth orbit, most notably using the International Space Station, and provide facilities and services to communicate with satellites in space….

(However, the International Space Station is currently scheduled to be retired in 2024; its decommissioning was twice postponed, first from 2015 and then from 2020.)

Why we have NASA.

As we rise to meet the challenges of human space exploration, we increase our scientific knowledge, foster technological and economic growth, expand human civilization, and inspire global collaboration and achievement At the very core of human space exploration is the desire to explore the unknown and use the knowledge gained to benefit humanity.

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