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Welcome to the May 2020 Discourse on IQ. You can see all previous notes here. Sundays are dedicated to shorter reads - cinnamon roll + coffee sized. Enjoy!

"American education and the IQ trap

How many children are trapped even now by the low expectations contained in a misunderstood and misused test score?

Universal screening increases the representation of low-income and minority students in gifted education

…We find that a universal screening program in a large urban school district led to significant increases in the numbers of poor and minority students who met the IQ standards for gifted status. 

Sex-based IQ traits

There is broad speculation about the social aspects of IQ as a measurement but if we simply focus on what “nature” intended, the picture of how IQ is passed becomes less mysterious. The Genetic components for IQ are believed to be on the X chromosome. That means the MOTHER is every case shares her genetic IQ and the FATHER only passes along his genetic IQ material if a GIRL is born. Fascinating stuff. So when you see 40-80% of genetic material is inherited it is due to the XY vs XX arrangement.

It also explains why there are twice as many men who are considered “genius” than women. What those same articles rarely report is that there are also twice as many opposite-of-genius who are male. It all comes down to the tails of the distribution. The tails are twice as fat for the boy babies. The girls are clustered at a higher rate in around the norm. This has borne out on IQ tests as well as generalized knowledge tests such as Math assessments. Since the genetic IQ component is on the X, girls have genius and opposite-of-genius muted. Boys do not.

This should make sense biologically - this is reasoning-based so do your own work scoundrels - every human needs at least one X chromosome. Mothers are - legit - the givers of life. Fathers are the the biological determiners of gender. If it is a Y contributed, there isn’t that much biological material getting passed along. Look at how small the Y is. Boy babies, at least biologically, look like the end of the line for Dad’s line. This is of course the opposite of how we have arranged society … live and learn. But back to the point, females are biologically more necessary to perpetuate a species. Indeed, in time, species drop the Y chromosome entirely. So it makes sense that females would have duplicate copies of everything. If something on one chromosome is broken, it is “covered” but the second X. Boys lack the second X and therefore have more extreme responses.

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