Discourse on Universe!

To explore or not to explore, that is the question....

Want your own copy?

Hello my lovelies!

Quick question to get us started. Would you prefer that we continue on as planned with the Discourse topic: Universe!, or would you prefer to Discourse on the more urgent topic of Quarantine and all the pros and cons of that (this)?

Hit reply and include either “Universe” or “Quarantine” as your preference. Thanks!

Our day-to-day has changed dramatically. Some of us have watched clients pull back or lost jobs while others are learning to navigate lesson plans with patience. We are all being asked to calmly wait it out.

From what I see, you are doing a damn fine job with that. Congratulations!

A part of you is being tested and you are rising to the challenge. Thank you and congratulations.

In a side conversation I shared my #1 strategy for making it through with aplomb: sequin shorts.

I am *stranded* in College Station, TX. A lovely spot for a few months a year, but not where I want to be when the heat comes rolling in . . . and it will come. So as much as I would prefer to be in Japan chasing the Cherry Blossoms right now, my new reality is an airbnb apartment with a FULL DENIM loveseat. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

In all fairness, if I had a bedazzler, I would have already made that happen in epic proportion, Denim + Diamonds or bust. But back to the point: sequin hot pants.

You didn’t ask for this covid crisis. It has been thrust upon you. Embracing it takes a special kind of crazy. But by embracing it, this time can be less about covid and the scary aspects of family over the age of 70 some of whom already have pneumonia, diabetes, kidney failure, cancer, etc. - people you worry about, people you pray for - and can be reframed to be that time you-wore-sequin-shorts-on-ALL-of-your-conference-calls. It’s easy. It’s cheap. And while it might give you a smile now (unless your heart is a rock!), it will certainly give you a smile once all of this has passed. It is a small way for you to reframe your future memory.

If you are brave enough to join me on the silly train, find your version of sequin shorts. It need not be grand. I would actually encourage you to step away from grand goals you have executed poorly in the past (writing the great American Novel, learning a new language, etc.). If those big goals are working for you, keep after it. You’re wired differently, #Debbie.

For the rest of us, keep it simple. Keep it silly. Keep it disposable. If you end up discovering you love the “sequin shorts” sure, keep them. Otherwise, I would strongly encourage you to toss them out once we get back to business more normal. It helps cement the experience as though you were on some really odd vacation.

Again, I’m thinking about future you. Enough about that.

The Discourse for the month of April is planned as Universe!, to explore or not to explore.

For: Nasa

Human space exploration helps to address fundamental questions about our place in the Universe and the history of our solar system. Through addressing the challenges related to human space exploration we expand technology, create new industries, and help to foster a peaceful connection with other nations. 

Against: We don’t understand Earth!

We Could Contaminate Other Planets (and vice verse).

When settlers arrived in America, they brought new diseases which killed those here before us. Microorganisms go both ways. We bring ours into space, and we bring the Universe’s back home to Earth…. This makes airplane transmission mere child’s play.

If you think it more poignant to Discourse on Quarantine, my approach will be to present the quantitative assessments of what/when/how for extended quarantines. I’ll try to avoid the tropes already bouncing around the media. Perhaps we end the month with a conversation on not quarantine or not, but how do we mitigate the downside of quarantines. Just spitballing at the moment.

Otherwise, I will proceed with our Discourse on the Universe!

Very peaceful and joyous Sunday to you.