Debate Week Sunday

Private Equity Discourse is coming to a close

By now you are probably locked in a house somewhere. Hopefully it is a familiar one. My students are in lock down across Europe and the US with a few trapped in Italy until something subsides. Thankfully, none are (yet) sick. I am in a make-do temp spot in College Station, TX, grad student cinderblock chic. It seemed as practical a location to ride out the madness as any once the Japan and Korea portions of my travel were cancelled.

As you use your voices in online meetings and have to look at each other eye-to-eye on video conferences, there’s a chance for a new era of more direct communication and thereby a chance for those in the functionally deaf category to hear and join normal society. I am hopeful. But it depends on you. Let your voices sing forth loud and clear as you share your weekly update in corporate meeting 2020, part R, subsection ii. Look your managers and subordinates in the eye as you speak. Ask them to do the same. Reassert the life within you! Speak strong!

Et tu Starbucks? In other news of semi-permanent isolation, I was rejected at Starbucks this morning. It’s two miles away so I jogged over at 5a, a very quiet time on a Sunday morning. They could not serve me. The main store is closed for two weeks, no entrance allowed. The drive thru is open. However, you must be in an automobile with “at least four wheels” to drive through a drive thru. Seems I should have given up my Starbies tea for Lent.

Side note: Do you think they really turn away motorcycles too? How strict are they about four wheels?? Have you tried to drive-thru on fewer than 4 wheels?

I understand, I do - public safety, sure. Restricting drive-thrus to vehicles is a law in many if not most(?) states. But this is an extraordinary situation, yes? For the love of all things holy, I just want my hot tea!

We are coming to the close of the Private Equity Discourse month. Here are a few more gems to get you up to speed. Now that Elizabeth Warren is out of the 2020 run we may not hear as much about it . . . but PE could be exactly what helps smaller and mid-market American companies get the economic consequences of Covid-19 behind us. With over 700Bn $$ in capital in hand, un-allocated, that’s a nice chunk of change that could be put to good use once we are back to work.

As long as they don’t all pile into the same mega deals….

The New York Times: "The Allure, and Burden, of Private Equity" gives some practical details about how the investments work from a private investor perspective - aka how you might participate in PE.

From Bloomberg Business: "Everything Is Private Equity Now" despite how horrible the bloomberg business site is - what a mess! - the article gives a good run down of broader mechanics that are likely to impact the business(es) you are involved with - as an employee, a shareholder, a customer, etc.

There are now 8,000-plus PE-backed companies, almost double the number of their publicly listed counterparts.

Here’s a reminder of what we’re up to with this Discourse this month: 

I will send three emails each week during the four week cycle starting the first week of the month: Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.

First week is dedicated to introducing the topic of the month - from basic overview to data analysis methods to Big Important Reads. 

Second week is dedicated to what others have said about the topic. This is when you can petition to debate.

Third week is focused on additional research that has come to light because you dear member have shared something I had not already seen or made a better case for something I had previously dismissed.

Fourth week is the debate week. WE ARE HERE! You’ll hear about the live debaters and the official debate resolution. Once we’re up to full steam the debate will be live streamed and open to Q&A at the end. My hope is to have it live streaming with audience participation by May 2020. Debates will be shared (audio only, video and transcript) in the Friday email of the 4th week.